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AE/C4D教程-学习制作三维创意MG动画片头 Motion Pro (英文字幕)

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AE/C4D教程-学习制作三维创意MG动画片头 Motion Pro (英文字幕)

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本课程将带您进入下一个运动设计水平。我们将涵盖几乎所有类型的动画,从2D(结合 AE 表达式)到3D(在 Cinema 4D 中使用 Xpresso)。所有的动画将被合并成完整的视频场景。此外,我们将与您分享项目文件,其中我们使用了逐帧动画以及现代2D 和3D设计。无论您打算成为自由职业者还是在工作室工作,您都将为未来的复杂项目做好准备。我们将教您组织项目并为其创建正确结构的主要原则和规则。此外,我们将向您展示自定义脚本,帮助我们摆脱一些日常工作并促进整个过程。本课程的目的不是向您展示处理项目的唯一正确方法,但其目的是教您良好的实践和技术,以在您工作的任何地方形成您自己独特的项目方法。

This course will bring you to the next motion design level. We’ll cover almost all types of animation from 2D, combining it with AE expressions, to 3D, using Xpresso in Cinema 4D. All the animations will be united into complete video scenes. Moreover, we’ll share with you project files, in which we’ve used frame-by-frame animation along with modern 2D and 3D design.

You’ll get equipped for your future complex projects whether you plan to freelance or work in a studio. We’ll teach you the main principles and rules of organizing projects and creating the correct structure for them. Also, we’ll demonstrate to you custom scripts that help us get rid of some routine work and facilitate the entire process.

The course isn’t aimed at showing you the only correct way to work on projects, but its purpose is teaching you good practices and techniques to form your own unique approach to projects wherever you work.